Walhalla Movie Theatre (Steintor-Varieté)
Walhalla-Lichtspiel-Theater (Steintor-Varieté), 1920s
Walhalla Movie Theatre (Steintor-Varieté)
Interior Walhalla-Lichtspiel-Theater, (Steintor-Varieté), 1920s

Walhalla Movie Theatre (Steintor-Varieté)

Am Steintor 10
1860er years, 1888/89, 1924
In 1920, the music hall at Steintor was converted into a cinema, the Walhalla Movie Theatre, where people went to watch romances, US action films, thrillers and screen adaptations of novels. In 1922, hyperinflation forced the cinema management to find additional means of securing the Walhalla’s future. To attract more visitors, wrestling matches were added to the programme, along with music hall shows, artiste performances, cabaret and operetta. In the early 1930s, jazz concerts and conjuring shows were also held at the Walhalla, but the colourful programme was forced to be less colourful under the Nazis. The Picture Theatre was eventually closed in 1936, because the management was unhappy with the changes. It was reopened in January 1943.