End of the First World War First Fashion Week is held in Berlin Establishment of a municipal housing office in Halle


Women above the age of 21 are given the right to vote in Germany | The Bauhaus is founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar Paris re-establishes itself as a fashion city Together with Richard Horn, Paul Horn, Karl Oesterling and Martin Knauthe, Karl Völker founds the Halle artist group as a subgroup of the November group


First jazz records on the German market | International Dada Fair in Berlin Halles population reaches 193,461 people


Albert Einstein is awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics | Sports fashion starts playing an important role besides formal clothing Expansion of the lower castle Giebichenstein for the arts and crafts school following plans by the town planning council Wilhelm Jost and the director of the school Paul Thiersch


Foundation of the electrical company AEG The metal artist Karl Müller takes on the metal class at the arts and crafts school | Restoration of the salt water spring Bad Wittekind to boost tourism


Foundation of the USSR | Hitler putsch in Munich fails Great inflation in Germany makes the Mark valueless | Issue of the Rentenmark ends inflation | Increase of working hours due to the emergency situation of the German economy | Dada magazine Merz by Kurt Schwitters is published Start of construction on the new buildings of Wittekind salt-water spa | Construction of the substation at Hallmarkt


Lenin, the founder of Soviet Russia, dies | Stalin wins fights for political leadership Thomas Mann writes The Magic Mountain | Hitler writes Mein Kampf in custody, is released early and takes over the NSDAP again | Already 100,000 radio stations in Germany | Introduction of the Reichsmark | Airship Zeppelin crosses the Atlantic for the first time Acquisition of the Rosy Fischer collection from Frankfurt am Main with 25 paintings by modern masters for the Kunstmuseum in Moritzburg


Reich President Friedrich Ebert dies | Paul von Hindenburg becomes Reich President Art déco as a style comes into fashion | The black dancer Josephine Baker causes a sensation | The Charleston comes to Germany | Franz Kafka’s novel The Trial is published | Louis Armstrong, the King of Jazz, founds his combo Hot Five Nietleben airfield is put into operation on the occasion of the Germany round flight | After the dissolution of the Bauhaus in Weimar, numerous former Bauhaus members come to the School of Applied Arts Burg G iebichenstein in Halle to teach; Gerhard Marcks becomes the head of the sculpture class, Marguerite Friedlaender-Wildenhain becomes head of the ceramics department, and Benita Koch-Otte becomes the manager of the weaving mill


Foundation of Deutsche Lufthansa AG | Fritz Lang’s film Metropolis premieres | In Paris, Coco Chanel designs the little black dress (formal dress) Alois Schardt becomes director of the Art Museum Moritzburg | At the initiative and on behalf of the regional council, the Bauhaus master Lyonel Feiniger is commissioned to make picturesque views of the city


In Berlin there are conflicts between the NSDAP and the KPD | Arbeitsnotgesetz (law for the need for labour) establishes ten-hour working days Invention of sound film Halle’s population exceeds 200,000 | Start of work on the construction of the department store of the company C. F. Ritter in Leipziger Straße 87–92 | Opening of Halle/Leipzig Airport north of Schkeuditz | Charles Crodel takes over the direction of the second painting class at the School of Applied Arts, alongside Erwin Hahs | Foundation of the first class for material photography at a German School of Applied Arts


Absolute record sales at the New York Stock Exchange | Discovery of penicillin | First commercial transatlantic flight of the airship Graf Zeppelin | Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill premieres | Drying hoods, hair dryers and electric curlers bring a boom to hairdressing salons Beginning of construction work for the administrative new building of the city hall, the Ratshof | Transition of the city’s labour and professional office into the jurisdiction of the Reich, under which a new administrative building is built on Steintor | Opening of the new Giebichenstein bridge after 19 months of construction | Inauguration of the Wasserturm Süd | Completion of Trotha power station | Laying of the foundation stone for the construction of the Lutherkirche | Opening of the department store A. Huth | First lantern festival on the banks of the river Saale |Unveiling of the sculptures Cow and Horse by Gerhard Marcks at the Giebichenstein Bridge | Marcks takes over the management of the School of Applied Arts after the departure of Paul Thiersch


Black Friday at the New York Stock Exchange – World Economic and Financial Crisis Alfred Döblin’s novel Berlin Alexanderplatz is published | Thomas Mann receives the Nobel Prize for Literature | Airship Graf Zeppelin flies around the earth Construction of the department store J. Lewin at Marktplatz 3–7 | Completion of the city hall Ratshof | Construction of the AOK administration building on Robert-Franz-Ring designed by the architect Martin Knauthe | Appointment of Hans Wittwer as head of the architectural class at the School of Applied Arts Burg Giebichenstein


NSDAP wins 107 seats in the Reichstag election Der blaue Engel (The Blue Angel) makes Marlene Dietrich a star | Empire State Building in New York – for many years the tallest building in the world – is built Halle’s population reaches 203,875 citizens | Completion of the Pestalozzi School outside the Hamstertor | Inauguration of the catholic parish church Zur Heiligsten Dreieinigkeit (to the Most Holy Trinity) built according to plans by Wilhelm Ulrich | Opening of the Diesterweg school


Almost 5 million unemployed in Germany Carl Zuckermayer’s Comedy The captain of Köpenick celebrates its premiere | The surrealist Salvadore Dali paints Time to Become Opening of the airport restaurant designed by Hans Wittwer (teacher at the Kunstgewerbeschule Burg Giebichenstein) at Halle/Leipzig Airport | Appointment of Prof. Emil Abderhalden as president of the Academy of Sciences Leopoldina | Acquisition of eleven paintings and 28 drawings by Lyonel Feiniger for 31,200 Reichsmark for the City Art Museum by the Magistrate of the City and thanks to a donation from the Mayor Dr. Robert Richard Rive


The global economic crisis reaches its peak | After the Reichstag election, the NSDAP is the strongest party | Hermann Göring becomes President of the Reichstag Movie stars like Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich shape the fashionable beauty ideal of the 1930s Decision of the City Council to grant honorary citizenship to Mayor Dr. Rive | Number of unemployed people exceeds 26,000


Paul von Hindenburg names Adolf Hitler Chancellor | Reichstag building in Berlin burned down, Communists arrested | Enabling Act gives Hitler absolute power SA destroys 24,000 works in book burning | First exhibition of “degenerate” art Halle’s longtime Mayor Dr. Rive leaves hispost | Boycott of Jewish shops in Halle