Residential and commercial building
Residential and commercial building Paul Krause
Residential and commercial building
Advertisement for the motor and bike house Paul Krause on a fantastic 1,000 Dollar note, 1928 (City Museum Halle)

Residential and commercial building

Geiststraße 39
Richard Schmieder
This three-storey residential and commercial building housing Paul Krause’s bicycle and moped shop was rebuilt in 1925, when architect Richard Schmieder gave the Wilhelminian core a new Expressionist façade. The pale green and yellow stucco building is topped with five pointed gables, reinforced by triangular columns flush to the wall which divide the façade into five. This extremely Modernist design gives the building an incisive and striking character, unusual for the architecture of Geiststraße. Between the first- and second-storey windows there are geometric stucco designs in art deco style. The original lettering on the façade (also designed by Richard Schmieder) and the original-design shop windows give us a good feeling for typical Modernist architecture in 1920s Halle.