Haus Huth
Villa Huth, 1926

Haus Huth

Hoher Weg 13
Wilhelm Ulrich, Gustav Wolff
This house, belonging to department-store owner Adolf Huth, was built on Hoher Weg in the suburb of Kröllwitz in 1926. Situated high above the Saale Valley, the house can be seen from a long way off and impresses even from a distance with its projecting hip roof over two simple orthogonally positioned blocks with rounded corners. What can’t be seen from the outside is that the building is divided into a residential area and a staff area, arranged around a circular hallway. The reception and living rooms are on the upper floors. This unusual layout has been preserved almost unchanged. Architecturally, Haus Huth was inspired by contemporaries Frank Lloyd Wright, Erich Mendelsohn and Thilo Scoder. It is one of the most remarkable examples of private houses in Halle in the ‘New Building’ style. Only two years after it was built, architects Wilhelm Ulrich and Gustav Wolff designed a department store for Adolf Huth on the market—a similarly impressive building, which unfortunately no longer stands.