Trotha power station
Trotha power station, approx. 1935
Trotha power station
Entrance admanistrative building of Trotha power station with two sculptures by Gustav Heinrich Wolff, mid 1930s

Trotha power station

Brachwitzer Straße 21
Wilhelm Jost
The ‘New Building’ style administration building is all that remains today of the former power station on Brachwitzer Straße in Trotha, a suburb of Halle. It is a monumental example of the city’s high-quality industrial architecture. The coal-fired power station comprised two boiler houses, overhead water tanks, coal bunkers and a machine and pump house with two chimneys. Everything was built in brick and clear and functional in style; the cuboid reinforced concrete buildings were symmetrically laid out. The surviving administration building stood in front of this ensemble. It was originally decorated with two sculptures in shell limestone—two female statues at different stages of undress, created by the Berlin sculptor Gustav Wolff. These sculptures were removed during renovation in 1936 and can be seen today in the courtyard of Moritzburg Museum of Art. Almost all the remaining buildings of Trotha Power Station were torn down in 1996.