Transformer station
Transformer station Hallmarkt, approx. 1930

Transformer station

Oleariusstraße 4a
Wilhelm Jost
The substation on Hallmarkt is situated below the west towers of the Marienkirche in the city centre. In the 1920s, it was Halle’s main substation and among the most important hubs of the city’s power grid. The building had varying levels to contend with, and had to fit in with the rest of the square in size and style, so as not to detract from the effect of the church. For this reason, head of municipal planning Wilhelm Jost chose to build in shell limestone and lime sandstone. The two-storey building is Neo-Romanesque in style and constructed in the form of stepped terraces with imposing round arches. The flight of steps beside it spans the different levels of Marktplatz and Hallmarkt. The baroque style of this functional building makes it a prestigious addition to the sweeping open space of Hallmarkt. Externally, it remains in its original state.