Transformer station with petrol station
Transformer station

Transformer station with petrol station

Trothaer Straße  16a
Wilhelm Jost
In the far north of Halle, in the suburb of Trotha, there is a substation connected to a petrol station. It was built in the mid-1920s, during the expansion of the power grid. Prominently situated on a main road, it marks the northern entrance to the city to this day. The unique ensemble of substation and filling station was created by head of municipal planning Wilhelm Jost. In typical decorative Expressionist style, Jost complemented the simple red-brick cube of the industrial building with a cylindrical construction with glass and a cantilever roof. The striking shape of the building served as a form of self-advertisement and gave it a characteristic Modernist note. Drivers leaving or entering the city can no longer fill up their cars here, but they can stop for a snack; the petrol station is now used as a refreshment kiosk.