Lutherkirche, 1931
Presbytery with a view of the monumental crucifix of Wilhelm Große


Damaschkestraße 100a
Rudolf Ostermaier
The Lutherkirche is a protestant church in the south of Halle with Gothic-style and Expressionist elements. The spacious building is architecturally closer to the traditional building style of the 1920s. Thanks to the sense of distance created by the forecourt it shares with the vicarage, it plays an important role in the city’s overall layout. A high bell tower stands in the spandrel between nave and vicarage, and is topped with an open square belfry. Another striking feature of the church is the recessed rectangular choir, with its pointed barrel vault supported by concrete girders. This gives the building a sacral feeling. In the chancel is the original high-quality monumental crucifix by Wilhelm Gross. The same sculptor also made a bust of Luther for the narthex and statues of the Evangelists for the church façade, but these were not preserved.