Haus Aubin
Haus Aubin

Haus Aubin

Kirschbergweg 12a
Otto Rudolf Salvisberg
Built next door to each other, five years apart, these two houses impressively demonstrate the two opposing poles of the work of Swiss architect Otto Rudolf Salvisberg in 1920s Halle. Although they are stylistically very different, their ground plans are almost identical: both houses have a square ground plan; both have a one-storey extension on the north side and a conservatory on the south side. Professor Gustav Aubin’s house is the more conservative of the two. With its shallow hip roof, square windows, ornamental window bars and natural-stone plinth, it is reminiscent of the early work of Frank Lloyd Wright. The house of local ophthalmologist Clausen, on the other hand, with its stereometrical construction, is clearly oriented towards the ‘New Building’ style of the 1920s.