Former employment office and municipal services
Former employment office, approx 1930
Former employment office and municipal services
Inner courtyard of the former employment office with customer traffic
Former employment office and municipal services
View from the stone gate to the former employment office, approx 1930

Former employment office and municipal services

Am Steintor 14
Wilhelm Jost, Albrecht Langenbach
In 1929, head of municipal planning Wilhelm Jost built an ensemble of buildings for the Employment Office and Municipal Services: a five-storey main building is flanked by three lower, asymmetrical side wings and another, quarter-circle wing, all of which are arranged around a courtyard. In the main building was a large boardroom, a conference room, book stacks and a collection of periodicals. The arrangement of entrances and exits was functional; waiting rooms and consultation rooms were all off the courtyard. This dominating ensemble is an important landmark for the area around Ludwig-Wucherer-Straße. At the same time, it acts as a shield against the busy inner-city intersection. The former Employment Office is an example both of the ‘New Building’ style and of Expressionist brick building. The bricks give it an industrial feel, and the strictly functional arrangement of the ensemble is very much in the spirit of the time. Today the building houses offices and a retirement home.