Christuskirche with forecourt and view of outbilding, 1930
Relief jewellery on the outer facade by Paul Horn


Freiimfelder Str. 89, 90
Georg Roediger
The Christuskirche was originally built as a three-aisled church in Freiimfelder Straße in the east of Halle, which was then a working-class district. The Expressionist towerless brick building is set so far back from the road that only the vicarage signals the presence of a church. Church and vicarage are situated on the same rectangular plot and belong to an ensemble of buildings, including various parish rooms and a church nursery school. The outside of the Christuskirche features steep gables, a crossing turret and striking vertical patterns. The ridge turret on the crossing is the main indication that this is a sacred building. The plain interior, divided into church and parish hall by folding doors, features a wooden barrel vault. Altar and organ are situated one above the other, south of the front wall. Worthy of particular mention are the Expressionist fittings almost all of which have been preserved. The relief decorations on the façade are the work of local sculptor Paul Horn.